Lynchburg, Virginia | August 24,26,31 & September 2,7,10
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Welcome to Create Virginia

Create Virginia is an arts and business conference that gives artists and makers opportunities to learn from one another and from state and national experts about how to build and grow sustainable arts-based ventures. 


2021 Virtual Sessions


Talks & Streaming Sessions

On the heels of the Coronavirus pandemic, Create Virginia will host of series of Hybrid Sessions. These sessions will allow for small in-person groups as well as accessible online streaming and viewing.
AUG. 24

Podcasting in Deep Waters

With the ubiquity of mobile devices and shifting content consumption, podcast continue to present a huge opportunity for content creators. Join us as we discuss what it takes to get started and stay relevant.

AUG. 24

Keynote: Building Systems for The Creative

Being a skilled artist is only half the battle. Great creatives should also be great problem solvers. They often  spend more time understanding the problem than they do brainstorming solutions. Join our Keynote Speaker Kishau Rogers as she explores patterns, trends, and systems that will help make you a stronger creative problem solver. 

AUG. 26

How to Harness the Power Tik Tok

In just 15 seconds you can go from Zero to Hero with Tik Tok. But building an audience and perfecting your content can be a challenging task. We’re sitting down with two content creators that know how to move the needle on this platform to find out more. 

AUG. 31

Charting your Path with Skill

Building your brand has often been a challenge for even the most seasoned creative. For over a decade Eli Harris and Mike McKendree have mastered being heard inside of an ever changing marketplace. Join us as they share a wellspring of info on what it takes to navigate the road of success. This is a great conversation for any performer (musician, actors, dancers) or anyone struggling to find the right gig.


Beating the Creative Burnout

From procrastination to imposter syndrome, every artist eventually hits a wall. Trying to bounce back can often leave us with missed opportunities and forgotten deadlines. Join us as Chelsea Piechowski and others from the Johnson Health Center family give us some great ways to beat the burnout bully.


Engaging Organizations as an Artist

Day-to-day operations for performances, connecting with touring talent, negotiating  venues, the list can go on. As an artist there are things you can do to make yourself much more appealing to community organizations. Which will get you much bigger gigs and opportunities! Join Tabitha as she brings plenty of insight into what local arts organizations look for when collaborating with artists, presenters, and performers. 


Music, Web3 and the NFT

In recent years, the music industry has undergone some massive changes. Streaming services like Spotify, Bandcamp,  and Apple Music has allowed people to access unlimited music for little or no fees. Consequently, this has changed the way musicians make money. Join Phinees Robert as he shares hisfirst hand knowledge of blockchain technology and how to monetize selling your digital assets.


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